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18 March 2013 @ 07:13 pm
Title: Conflicted, or Blues and Grays
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Rose/Jack/Nine
Warnings (including spoilers): Quick sexual references, spoilers for Father’s Day and Parting of the Ways, mild for The Doctor Dances.
Wordcount: 1,952 words
Author’s note: Written for the who_contest prompt ‘Rivals’ and for the 'Loved ones' square of my love_bingo card.
Summary: “He’s like you, but with datin’ and dancin’,” she’d said. She’d also said that she trusted him, but... that was before she knew just how flexible he was.
01 September 2012 @ 10:10 pm
[Spoiler (click to open)]
So, the new companion is officially queer/bi, y/y/y??? :D
20 August 2012 @ 10:35 pm
I conducted a little search tonight for Doctor Who fics featuring bisexual/pansexual characters, and I must say: I am heartened by the results! They do exist! \0/

(Highlight of my search? I found many more "Rory is bisexual" fics I hadn't read before. Disappointing? No "Amy is bisexual" fics! Must remedy this soon...)

The list is (by no means) exhaustive: just what I was able to find in an hour or so of searching things like "Doctor Who, bisexual" in various places. I did my best to confirm that each fic meets the guidelines for this comm, but I did not read the entirety of each one of them.

Without further ado: the list!Collapse )

This rec list is far from complete! If you know a work that features bisexual/pansexual characters, please share the link so I can put it on this list.

As I said, I haven't read through all of these. (I have earmarked several to go back to later.) If there's a work here you particularly enjoyed, after leaving some love for the author, why not come back and share with us your recommendation?

And please share this comm with your flist and favorite Who-verse comms! I'd like to up the watcher/member numbers here before launching our first fest.

Have a suggestion for where I could advertise? Let me know!
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16 August 2012 @ 08:19 pm

Hello! Welcome! Come on in, have a look around. Get comfy.

Let me introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about what I'm hoping to accomplish here. I'm apple_pathways, but you can also call me Amy. 'Cause that's my name, and I'm likely to respond to it. I like to be on a first-name basis with people. Feels cozier, I think.

Anyway. An flister brought up bisexual erasure in fic in a discussion on my journal. It reminded me of one of my favorite tropes in Doctor Who fic: the 'Rory is bisexual' trope. (Ok, it's probably not a trope: but it's appeared in one or two fics, and I like it, ok! Would love to see Amy written as bisexual, but off the top of my head, I can't recall any fics where that happens.)

Anyway, yeah, the more I thought about it: I just love stories in general that feature bisexuals. Not only do I want a place to gather them all together, but I want to encourage more to be written, as well.

To that aim, this community will serve as archive for fanworks featuring Doctor Who characters written as bisexual, pansexual, or omnisexual and will also host the occasional fests and contests to encourage the creation of more of those works. (For more information about what kind of works belong here, read these guidelines!)

What I'd like to gauge from all of you is how many people are interested in and would use such a community!

In the comments to this post:

  • Well, first of all: tell me if you're interested in a community of this kind.
  • REC to me and everyone else any Doctor Who fanworks that feature bisexual, pansexual, or omnisexual characters.
  • Tell me what kind of fests and contests you'd like to see hosted.

In the coming week or so, if response is sufficient, I'll be putting together a master list of the works you rec in this post, announcing our first fanworks fest, and possibly advertising for co-mods to help me run the place.

In the meantime, would you like to help me advertise this comm? Snag this banner code to paste on your journal:

who_bop: bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual. Click to visit!

Oh, and if you're better with graphics than I am (which is likely!) feel free to make your own. :P
15 August 2012 @ 09:52 pm
Every comm needs 'em. Here they are:

  • Any and all fanworks are allowed, including but not limited to: fic, podfics, art, cosplay, vids, picspams, etc.
  • Stories should adhere to the fic guidelines. (If you have a question about them, ask!)
  • All works posted to the comm should go behind a cut.
  • Keep images small: anything bigger than roughly 300x300 pixels should go behind a cut. ALL NSFW images should go behind a cut.
  • All works posted need a header including at minimum a rating and a warnings section. (See warnings policy below.) Use good fandom etiquette when creating your header: list any kinks present in your work, and if you're portraying a beloved fandom character in a negative light ("character bashing") say so up front.
  • DO NOT warn for slash, femslash, or LGBTQ-related content. DO NOT warn for kinks. Sharing this information with your readers is useful, but "warning" for it is offensive. Such information can be included under a heading such as "Category" or "Notes".
  • Use the tags! They will help readers find your work. If you need a tag, ask the mod.
  • Crossovers are fine, but the Doctor Who universe and its characters should be at the forefront.
  • When commenting or participating in discussions, be polite and respectful. This is all I'm going to say about that. I could totally go on about what "polite and respectful" means, but it's pretty much a waste of breath. We all know that if people are going to be obnoxious and/or mean they are going to do so whether I've banned that behavior or not. So let's all just roll our eyes at them, pat ourselves on the back for knowing how to behave in polite society, and move on, shall we?
  • If someone is being rude or mean, it doesn't often help to be rude back. I understand that people get angry, and yeah, I'll totally take into account just how inflammatory the comment you're responding to was. BUT: 1. if a mod declares a discussion over, it's over. If you'd like to discuss further, you can take the discussion to your own journal. 2. don't assume someone is being a jerk if their jerky intentions are not clear. (i.e. Some people are just clueless and we must be patient with them.)

Additional Guidelines and Assorted WhatnotCollapse )

That's it! I'll add more rules as they're needed. For the most, I assume the lot of you have done a few laps 'round fandom and know the drill. If you don't, you may absolutely ask! In a comment or a PM.
15 August 2012 @ 09:27 pm
First and foremost, works should be based on Doctor Who. What "Doctor Who" you ask? Any one. Classic, New Who, audio adventures, Big Finish productions: all welcome. As are stories based on spin-offs from the Doctor Who universe such as Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Works should feature at least one character who is bisexual, pansexual, or omnisexual. Also, they should involve the character's (characters') attraction(s) to more than one gender in some way. It doesn't have to be the sole focus, but it should be a noticeable presence: not a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" mention. (Also, this comm welcomes non-binary gender identities, so bring 'em on.)

Those are the two main qualifications. Care to dig deeper into the details? Read on. The nitty and the gritty.Collapse )